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Our director, Ms. Lee has acted as a guardian to her relatives from abroad since the early 2000's and later for family friends beginning in 2008, providing these services on a voluntary basis.

In the summer of 2010, a number of parents approached Ms. Lee to assist in finding suitable schools for their children and provide them with guardianship services while they studied and lived in the United Kingdom (UK). At that time, Ms. Lee declined as she was expecting her first child and providing guardianship services while working full time with a new child would have proven difficult. This, plus other commitments and responsibilities made it almost impossible for her to increase the number of students she was acting as a guardian for.

After declining to be a guardian for a number of international students, one parent, desperate for Ms. Lee to provide guardianship services to her child, offered to financially compensate Ms. Lee for her time. It was at this time, in September 2010, that James-Lee Consultancy was established. Five months later, Ms. Lee's first child, a baby girl, was born. 

Both the company and Ms. Lee’s daughter has grown and flourished.  


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