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James-Lee Consultancy offers a wide range of services from Educational Consultancy placing students into their chosen educational institution (including higher education) to providing Guardianship Services to the arrangement of Personal Tutors.  We work closely with UK educational institutions providing quality educational services to our students. 

James-Lee Consultancy has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the UK educational system and understands the necessary requirements to help your child succeed and thrive in the UK.  Our top priority is to ensure the safety of your child then we look for the right environment needed in order to help every student flourish and reach full potential.

James-Lee Consultancy has built excellent relationships with independent schools, colleges and universities all around the UK. 

In case parents and/or students would like to visit educational institutions in the UK, we offer organised tours.  During the tour, the student and/or their parents will be shown the facilities and introduced to the faculty.  We may also be able to book your child into taster classes depending on availability.

Our selection and placement service is tailored to specifically to each student's requirements.

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