Guardianship Services for International Students

James-Lee Consultancy (JLC) is an AEGIS accredited guardianship organisation.  We will ensure that your client has a successful stay in the UK - both academically and personally!  We offer bespoke guardianship packages to make sure the student's every need is met.

JLC has local coordinators available in areas where students under our guardianship are located. These local coordinators are supported by the head office, located in London.  JLC employs a multilingual staff for ease of communication and make sure that all relevant parties are updated on a regular basis.  

We will act as a partner to you, the parents living overseas, to ensure the safety, well-being and success of the your child during their time in the UK. 

We offer different packages dependent on the student's needs.  If you are interested in our guardianship services, contact us or apply for guardianship here!