World Book Day

Yesterday marked the 18th annual World Book day in the UK and Ireland.  The goal of the programme, is to give children the opportunity to have books of their own.  Schools are able to register for the program and book tokens.  A World Book Day resource pack will also be sent to the requesting school. 

National Book Tokens Ltd sends over 14 million vouchers out to children and with those vouchers, children are able to pick up one of ten free books from a local seller, or receive a discount of £1 on books or audiobooks. 

There are several ways to get involved and utilise the resources offered.  There are downloadable packs available for nursery, primary, and secondary school aged children.  There are also resources for teachers

 UNESCO has helped to make World Book Day an international event and children from all over the world can enjoy reading and dressing up as their favourite characters from books. 

The IndependentGuardian, and the BBC have all written articles on World Book day that feature insights to authors, suggested readings, and other news about the celebration.

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