Some of our partners...

Relybase Consultants Limited
Relybase Consultants Limited is the sister company of James-Lee Consultancy in Hong Kong.  JLC has been partnered with Relybase since the opening of the company in 2010. 

Holland Park Tuition
James-Lee Consultancy has partnered with Holland Park Tuition and Consultants to deliver tutoring to for our students.  Holland Park Tuition was founded in 2004 and is a leading source of private tutors that are committed to academic excellence. 

They provide tuition at all levels, for a diverse range of subjects for students of all ages.  Some of this includes: preparation for key entrance tests and examination, English language support, extra-curricular coaching adn support in numeracy, literacy and phonics.  The tutors we use are carefully selected to our student's needs.  The tutors chosen are inspirational, friendly, patient and highly professional.  They are passionate about the work they do and enjoy working with young children and young adults. 

They work at the child’s individual pace and tackle each topic one step at a time, encouraging the child to ask questions when he or she does not understand. They are always open to being challenged on ideas and frequently engage their students in debate, so as to make learning a lively and enjoyable experience.

The majority of the tutors are Oxford and Cambridge graduates and qualified teachers; all interviewed and vetted. Since they have been through the British school system, they have first-hand knowledge of the exams and requirements. 

We welcome collaborations with: educational institutions including boarding schools, language schools, colleges and universities; education agents; host families and many others.

Safeguarding our students is our priority