Role of the Host Family

Role of the Host Family

The role of a host family:

  • To provide the student with suitable accommodation inclusive of meals during some weekends (exeats), half term and occasionally some school holidays
  • To integrate the student into your family and involve them in familial activities
  • To attend necessary school functions (e.g.: parent's evening)
  • To collect the student from their school or a location confirmed by us, the student and the student's school
  • To teach students about British culture and customs

All students have different needs and the aforementioned are just some examples. We aim to be flexible for both the host family and the student so please let us know in advance what you are able to offer and we will match students to you accordingly. All of our host families will be given a handbook detailing the guidelines of their roles and expectations in more detail.

Host families are asked to retain receipts for expenses and send to James-Lee Consultancy Ltd at the end of each term.

The Director, having hosted international students herself, finds the experience to be very rewarding! Questions? Contact us!