As a parent, choosing to send your child to boarding school is a difficult decision. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right school that matches the capabilities, skills and personality of your child.  For us, it is critical to ensure that your child is both happy and academically successful.

James-Lee Consultancy has built strong relationships with a vast number of independent schools throughout the UK. We offer a professional and free placement services advising parents and students on schools and courses available. We advise parents on a selection of the most suitable schools for their child and assist them with the process every step of the way; from the completion of the application form to invigilating the school’s entrance exams.

We arrange visits to schools, should parents and/or students want to visit the schools we have recommended. During the visit, we will arrange for you to meet the Registrar, Housemaster/Housemistress and Principal.  We may also be able to book your child into taster classes depending on the school's availability to provide this.

Our school selection and placement service is tailored specifically to each student's requirements.