Our Packages

Our Packages



Additional Costs

•    Registration Fee
•    Student Expense Account (SEA)
•    One Term’s Deposit (applies to Day Students ONLY)
•    Homestay - per day in UK
    (Inclusive of all 3 meals, use of communal areas, WiFi, laundry, gas electric and water)
•    Counselling Service - Price on application (For students who have particular difficulties in adapting to life in the UK and need extra care such as counselling by Psychologist etc.)

Student Expense Account (SEA)

James-Lee Consultancy requires an expenses deposit for expenses not included in the Guardianship package.

Examples of expenses charged:
•    Air Tickets
•    Airport transfers
•    Host Family accommodation
•    Eating out / Takeaways
•    Transport to and from school
•    Pocket money
•    Visa extension fees
•    Tutoring
•    Extra visits
•    Extra Guardianship during Christmas,
Easter and Summer holidays

Full details of all expenses are provided to the arents at the end of each term. If at any point during the term time, the deposit falls below £300, the parents will be asked to top this up.

Additional Transport Available

•    James-Lee Consultancy’s driver
•    Host Family
•    Taxi (by partner firms and firms recommended by the Student’s School)
•    Public transport
•    Flight tickets



•    One-to-one GCSE/A-level/IB tutoring (dependent on the teacher’s qualification)
•     General English (Including IELTS) one-to-one
•    IELTS diagnosis - without Speaking
     - with Speaking
•    UCAS review and application (including personal statement)
•    Foreign / Modern language (French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin) one-to-one tutoring