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Guardianship Services

Why do I need a guardian?

Most boarding schools in the UK require all students whose families live overseas to have a Guardian who is a resident of the UK.  Whilst at school, the houseparents will take responsibility for the students' academic progress and welfare.  However, there will be times such as emergencies (e.g.: sickness) and outside of term-time/holidays, the school must be able to hand over these responsibilities to a properly appointed guardian.


Your guardian:

  • Will be over the age of 25 (Some schools will require your guardian to be over the age of 30.)

  • Will be responsible and caring

  • Will be independent of any educational institution

  • Has passed the necessary safeguarding checks required under current legislation and best practice.


What are the responsibilities of a guardian?

Responsibilities of the guardian will vary between guardians and organisations.

At James-Lee Consultancy, the responsibilities of the guardian include:

  • Being the 24-hour emergency contact person for the student, parents and school

  • Arranging emergency medical care when necessary

  • Attending school functions (e.g.: parent’s evening)

  • Monitoring the student’s educational progress

  • Emailing reports after parent's evening

  • Assisting with GCSE and A-Level subject choices

  • Advising on college/university course selection

  • Selecting host families for the student during exeats, half terms and whenever necessary

  • Assisting students with things they may need – school uniform, sports equipment, phone cards, mobile phone, UK mobile SIM card, etc.

  • Helping arrange travel both in the UK (taxi, train or bus) and to the student’s home country (flight bookings, transfers)


Why choose James-Lee Consultancy to be your guardian?

James-Lee Consultancy (JLC) is an AEGIS accredited guardianship organisation. We will ensure that your child has a successful stay in the UK - both academically and personally! We offer bespoke guardianship packages to make sure the student's every need is met.

JLC has Guardianship Managers all around the UK. The Guardianship Managers are supported by the Head Office, located in London. JLC employs a multilingual staff for ease of communication to make sure that all relevant parties are updated on a regular basis.  

We will act as a partner to you, the parents living overseas, to ensure the safety, well-being and academic success of your child during their time in the UK.