2020 has been a successful year! There were students recruited from over 14 different countries. Harrow School Online opened its ‘digital gates’ to international students from all over the world to apply for a place to start their Advanced Level education in September 2020.

The new school was founded on the traditions and academic excellence of Harrow School in England; a renowned full-boarding school for boys aged 13-18. The school was founded with the approval of Queen Elizabeth 1, who granted a royal charter in 1572 to the founder John Lyon to establish the school.

Harrow School Online

Harrow School Online is a co-educational school for ambitious students aged 16 and over, who have strong English skills and are looking for a prestigious, high-quality British education that suits their lifestyle. Students will be given the opportunity to study virtually for the Pearson Edexcel international A-Level examinations. Focusing initially on STEM subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics) and Economics, the school will help prepare students for higher education and employment opportunities of the future. In 2021, Biology will also be added to the list of courses in order to ensure that students can go on to study medicine.

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