Host Family Enquiry Page

James-Lee Consultancy's host families are a vital part of the care our children receive. We are always looking for caring and warm host families to help accommodate both our long term and short term students. 

Our students attend both day and boarding schools. Our day students will stay with our host families during the academic term and will attend school and return to the host family daily. Our boarding school students stay with our host families during exeats (weekend breaks from boarding) and half term holidays. Some of our students may choose to stay with a host family during the longer holidays. 

If you are interested in hosting with us or if you would like to have more information, please contact us or complete the form below.

Contact Number: 0208 886 5300


Day students stay with host families during the academic term/year. 

They attend school during the day and stay with the host family over night. 


Our Boarding school children live at the school boarding house during the term time. 


During some weekends our boarding school children stay with the host family and some of our children will stay with a host family during the half term holidays. 


Some of our children stay in the UK during the Christmas and Easter holidays. This is to allow our children to experience the true spirit of our holidays in England.


When our children stay with our host family during the holiday period, they arrive at the end of the school term and return to school the day before the start of term.

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