The milestone of your final year of secondary education to university and world of work

Online Tutoring

Tailor-made British entrance examination tuition courses for you

How It Works

1:1 Tutoring offers individualised learning experience to strengthen the student’s aptitude and subject-specific knowledge comprehension.


Private tuitions are helpful to cater the student’s academic progress, learning styles, and emotional-social needs in knowledge acquisition. 


  1. Identify learning needs and appropriate support from the feedback gathered from parents’ evening and report

  2. Recognise the student’s weaknesses and struggles in a particular subject or area

  3. Set achievable goals by formulating future study destination with matching academic prerequisites

  4. Analyse how many hours and what specific area of tutoring are needed to achieve the short-term or long-term objectives

  5. Propose relevant tutoring plans matching with suitable tutors

  6. Consider if added-value service such as academic mentoring or Oxbridge mentoring are needed

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