Adjustment Scheme Offers Exceptional A-Level Achievers going to Cambridge

Updated: Apr 28

  • This year, the first time in history of process of admitting underrepresenting students across the UK, Cambridge has adopted the use of Adjustment places among other institutions.

  • 71 UK students with underprivileged background who had exceeded the terms of the conditional offers were allowed to refer themselves to be considered by another institution, of which 7 of them were going to study medicine.

  • 67 of them were admitted by Cambridge to read English, Economics, and Law , in addition to Biochemistry and Computer Engineering.

  • Register for Adjustment through UCAS if your A-Level results have met and exceeded the conditions of your firm offer.

  • A verbal agreement would be accepted over the phone, followed by an instant update on the UCAS page and a letter of confirmation of a place.

  • Adjustment scheme was designed to boost diversity, supported by financial assistance through the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and those from the colleges. The introduction of a bridging program would be introduced next year at Corpus Christi College, and Transition Year programme were set to launch in 2022.

The UCAS system of Adjustment provided students with another chance to be admitted to their first preference of university course, given if their A-Level results had met and exceeded the original terms of the conditional offer upheld. The students could self-refer to another institution that had available course places.