Atom Learning Review: Why We Trust an Online Platform to Offer Entrance Examinations Support (2)

Adaptive to your Child’s Personalised Learning While preparing the student for entrance tests, it is important to create a positive learning environment for the student's steady growth and his/her sense of accomplishment. We all learn differently even though we may have the same targeted schools! The way in which Atom is utilised to generate assignments and mock tests is to engage and motivate students to improve and grow with an interactive and fun interface (with an avatar representing the student to take away the pressure!).

Automatic marking with comprehensive reporting of the student’s progress The knowledge gap in any topics is quickly identified when a task is completed. While the parents may not understand the implications of the scores, the schools will be able to illustrate with the concise and precise reporting format while explaining and keeping the parents informed--- for one individual student as well as the whole-class performance. It will be useful when a school has mixed abilities in a group, and the scores indicated will allow better arrangement for group and individual learning.