Benefits of Attending a day school (1)

When sending children to study in the UK, many parents are hesitant: should they choose Day Schools or Boarding Schools? This is a debate without a final answer, but it does not mean that it is meaningless, because by listing the benefits of both sides, parents can have a better understanding of what is better for their children.

Based on my observations and conversations with students over the years, I have summarized benefits of attending a day school.

English-speaking environment. If you want to learn English quickly, the best way is to attend Day Schools, where students can meet more people who live in the UK and become familiar with different accents and diverse ways of speaking, which is beneficial to learning English.

Life. Students who study at Day Schools have to live in their own towns and cities, taking the bus to and from school every day, so that they can have more time to experience British life instead of staying at boarding schools most of the time.

Knowledge. We are not talking about knowledge from books, but knowledge of life and society. In boarding schools, students learn from teachers and classmates, but if they are proactive enough, they can easily learn more about the world outside of school by spending time with their host families. In addition, although boarding schools have a lot of activities, there are also restrictions, but many students can choose to study Mandarin, Japanese, equestrian, boxing and other activities during the weekend to increase their knowledge.

Freedom. In a boarding school environment, there are often many rules, such as bedtime, and of course, there are also certain rules in the host family, such as home time, and students under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult when they go out and take the bus, and cannot take the bus alone.