Navigating your way through career planning

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We grow up with exposure to an array of careers; interacting with teachers and educators on a daily basis, watching tv and theatre actors in our favourite movies, TV shows and productions and listening to an eclectic playlist of talented musicians. We watch an array of sportsmen compete in national and international events and channel our own passion when we are coached through sporting activities. We visit a variety of healthcare professionals, including doctors and dentists to maintain good health. Transport drivers and conductors get us from A to B, whilst Police, Fire and Rescue strive to keep us safe.

These interactions play an important role in our childhood, allowing us to begin exploring ourselves and future careers at a very early age; role playing and developing our personalities, figuring out our likes and dislikes and portraying the various professionals we come across in our daily lives. As we grow older, we become more aware of what we like and who we want to be. Our choices may change as often as the weather or they can become deep rooted as our passion develops.

" What do you want to be when you’re older? "

Whilst some children have it all figured out, there are so many who dread being asked “what do you want to be when you are older?”. For those who have it all figured out, make sure you understand the profession, the skills and personal traits that you need to succeed, the potential sectors you can enter and not only the potential salary and working hours. For those who don’t have it figured out don’t fret; the importance is not on when but how you figure out what you want to be.

Top 5 tips for effective career planning

  • Plan early

The earlier we begin planning our career the longer we have to truly find out what profession suits us.