State, Private, or Grammar?:Where do I start to know about the UK education system? (2)

While state schools focus on generating outstanding lessons and good grades to work towards an Ofsted-inspection rating as an “outstanding” school, the paradigm of learning is to work closely with the families to enhance home learning where school teaching is not exclusive to a child’s development. The school is a collective identity of a learning community.

While private schools may prioritise academic achievements, none of which will sacrifice the pastoral arrangement as a whole-person education. Every student always belongs to a house where tutors and masters oversee and give detailed attention to a child especially in out-of school hours and non-academic accomplishments. Priorities are equally provided for each aspect of a child, and no one aspect should overtake another but most often follow the child’s leading potentials.

Grammar Schools: A clearer educational goal between state and private education

While other state and private schools have various expectations in academic and pastoral care for one student, grammar schools do offer a very clear objective goal: academic aspiration. Grammar schools, with their investment in academic-driven students at heart without any fees, are highly selective in 11+ and 13+ entry examinations. Those who will be growing up with you in your secondary school life won’t be those who are expected to be high achievers for all-As results. The learning environment is highly pressurised that may or may not be suitable for a child.

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