The vaccine program boosts international students in the UK

A recent survey conducted by QS, a higher education institution, shows that the success of the vaccine program has also helped boost the interest of overseas students in studying at universities in the UK.

Newcastle pneumonia affects everyone's life in different ways. For students, their classroom patterns, social lives, and public exams have all changed. Even when considering overseas study, the epidemic is factored into the equation. According to the QS survey, 17 percent of students who were interested in going to university overseas said that the vaccine had increased their desire to study overseas. Another 56% of respondents said they would focus their research on universities in countries that have successfully implemented vaccination programs for new crowns.

Are they satisfied with the UK's performance in this area? The UK's high infection and mortality rates from NCC pneumonia last year did initially undermine international students' confidence in choosing UK universities. As the survey indicated, 45% of the students surveyed felt that the UK authorities were ineffective in dealing with border control in the event of an outbreak. However, when the figures are consolidated for the whole year, the number of overseas students enrolling in UK universities reached a new high last year.

A key reason for this is the effectiveness of the UK government's domestic vaccination programme, with nearly 50 percent (47%) of students saying they would be more likely to decide to study in the UK because of the country's good vaccination rates. At the same time, 17% said that the authorities were better at implementing vaccination programs than other countries. Therefore, the UK would be a more popular choice than other study destinations such as the US, Canada, Australia and Germany.

In addition to the vaccination program, 58% of the students surveyed believe that the re-introduction of the post-study work visas has made the UK one of the most popular places for overseas students to study.