UK State Schools

UK State Schools

State school education in England is free. As long as you have legal status to live in the UK, the government is obligated to provide every child of every family with a place in a state school. State schools are government-funded (free of charge) and should not be mistaken for public schools, which are fee-paying schools.


There are over 24,000 state (government-funded, free) schools in England. The Department for Education is responsible for distributing school placements which applies to all state schools except church-affiliated schools. As a foreigner, having a UK state school agent in Hong Kong to help guide you through the selection and application process is of utmost value.

Types of state schools

The main factor that is considered during the application process is living in a school catchment area. The more popular a school, the smaller the catchment area. There are also several types of state schools including: Grammar, comprehensive, faith-schools, academies and free schools.

Free Schools & Academies

Free schools and academies are not overseen by local authorities, which allows them to change the lengths of school terms, set their own admission criteria. Unfortunately, this also means that they are permitted to employ unqualified teachers and ignore the national curriculum.

What are UK state schools?

Grammar schools

Grammar schools select their pupils based on academic ability and can be highly competitive. There are only 163 grammar schools in England and there can be up to 2,000 applicants for 100 available slots. This makes the competition for places in grammar school intimidating for families that are unfamiliar with the UK education system.


Grammar school tests typically include the following: Maths, English (comprehension and creative/persuasive writing or composition), verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Some also do computerised testing.

Tailored school selection & admissions advice

At James-Lee Consultancy, we understand that every family and each student is different. That’s why we work closely with our students to ensure each need is addressed and provide tailored admissions advice that’s best suited for their career goals. The primary goal of every UK state school agent at the James-Lee Consultancy in Hong Kong providing them with the best opportunities to succeed in the UK education system, so you can rest assured that their future is in good hands.

Experienced UK state school agents in Hong Kong

Working with an experienced UK state school agent can help you navigate an extremely competitive field and increase your chances of securing a placement for your child. With so many factors to consider and steps to navigate for a pupil’s successful placement, it’s in the family’s best interest to have a UK state school agent in Hong Kong who will dedicate themselves to securing the best possible opportunities for your child’s education and their future.

Your professional UK state school consultant

If you are worried about how to choose the most suitable UK state school for your children, you can ask our British public school consultant for more information, and we will provide you with the most professional advice.


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