UKiset courses

Professional and complete UKiset course preparation class

British education has always been the heart of Hong Kong parents. In response to the increasing demand of parents for enquiries on British admissions, James-Lee also specially prepares a full range of UKiset course preparation classes for prospective international students to help parents match students with suitable schools.

UKiset (The UK independent schools’ Entry Test) is currently used as an entrance test by more than 250 primary and secondary schools in the UK. UKiset is conducted online, the time is 2 hours, and there are 3 volumes. The test is suitable for students between 9 and a half to 18 years old.

UKiset has a one-year validity period, and you can take the exam every six months. The content is mainly divided into three parts. The first part is a reasoning test, including text, graphics and mathematical reasoning. The second part is an English listening and reading test, and students need to complete an English composition in the third part, and will get the test results within 72 hours after the end of the test. It should be noted that not all UK private schools recognize UKiset results, but follow their own school entrance examination as the entry requirement. Students can first consult with our UK Admissions Counselor.

UKiset courses

UKiset tuition and preparatory classes strive for the best performance for your children

With the increasing demand for UKiset in the past 3 years, many prestigious schools in the UK also need to take exams. But because UKiset is different from the general test that tests the academic level of students, it focuses more on students' potential. The course involves pictures, textual reasoning and other content. Generally, Hong Kong students are relatively unfamiliar with such topics. They need professional UKiset tuition classes and preparatory classes to guide students to take the test. The teachers of James-LeeUKiset tuition classes and preparatory classes have professional teaching qualifications, and the courses It covers a wide range and helps students enhance their ability to take the test and prepare for their studies in the UK.

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