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James-Lee provides a professional, first class and fully accredited guardianship service for overseas students.


Our team of experienced and dedicated educational experts are here to guide you through every step of the school selection and placement process.


Host families are required to host a wide range of visitors.

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Welcome to James-Lee Consultancy

James-Lee Consultancy (JLC) and their teams are a caring and friendly guardianship organisation in the United Kingdom (UK) providing guardianship and welfare services. Many members of our staff are multilingual and are former international students themselves. Therefore, we can empathise with our students, their experiences and educational journey.

The JLC Guardianship Team act as ‘in loco parentis’ for our students whilst they are studying in the UK and more importantly, they serve as mentors and ‘大哥哥’ and ‘大姐姐’ for our Students. The Accommodation Team ensures every the accommodation provided to students have been thoroughly inspected and that students are accommodated in a safe, comfortable and clean environment.

JLC deals with all educational matters including: providing guardianship services, support and advice for students while they are in the UK, attending school functions, arranging tutoring and accommodation placements. We work with students, parents and legal guardians, overseas agents and schools to ensure that each student under our care has the best possible support network while they are studying in the UK.

Our staff attend regular training sessions to ensure that their knowledge in education and child welfare is up-to-date.

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We can help find the perfect place for you!

James-Lee Consultancy offers a wide range of accommodation options to match all budgets and requirements.

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Education Consultancy

James-Lee Consultancy offers a wide range of services from Educational Consultancy placing students into their chosen educational institution (including higher education) to providing Guardianship Services and the arrangement of Personal Tutors.  We work closely with UK educational institutions providing quality educational services to our students. 

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Most boarding schools in the UK require all their students whose families live overseas to have a Guardian who is a resident of the UK. Whilst at school, the housemaster or housemistress will take responsibility for students academic progress and welfare. There are times, however, during the term and more specifically outside of term time when the school must be able to hand over these responsibilities to a properly appointed guardian.

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"I highly recommend Irene Lee and James-Lee consultancy - they really care for their pupils and understand the challenges their pupils face. Pupils enjoy their company and feel understood by them. They are actively involved in the pupils education and wellbeing. I feel I can talk to them to work together to make a pupils time here successful."

Ann Jackson,

Housemistress, Dauntsey’s School


"First time when I sent my son to study in England, I was very worried. James Lee Consultancy was recommended to me and I am very happy to have found them. They are very kind, responsible and also very open. They organised my son’s host family who welcomed him in. He likes to stay there every time because he likes the kind family. Thank you very much James Lee Consultancy for the helping us and for your being together with us every time!"

Zhazira Atazhanova,

Mother of a Year 10 Boy from Queen Ethelburga’s School


"The Host Family was brilliant,  they are really kind and helpful. The service that we received from James-Lee consultancy was outstanding. I will definitely recommend the service to my friends."

Trang My My Pham,


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