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What is a boarding school?

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Boarding schools in the UK are independent residential schools where students live and study during the academic year. In the UK, boarding schools are elite educational options designed to develop each child to their full potential – and a popular choice for HK families that want their children to learn in a fully immersive academic environment where they are nurtured to be independent, confident, and curious about discovering their own interests and talents.


Going to boarding school is also a life-changing experience for young pupils. We take great pride and responsibility as a UK boarding school consultant in HK to help you find the environment that is the proper fit for your child. As this is such a pivotal decision in a child’s life, we are with you every step of the way.

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Experienced UK boarding school consultants in HK

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The road from start to finish is a long one. From evaluating all the UK boarding schools available, selecting the right school for your child, embarking on the application process, and getting accepted into your boarding school of choice, it can feel daunting for many families.


Our professional UK boarding school consultants can help HK families navigate the complexities of the UK boarding school admissions process. With a UK boarding school consultant in HK at your side to take you closely through each step, your family is in a much more secure position to ensure acceptance at the UK boarding school that’s at the top of your list.

Tailored school selection & admissions advice

With around 485 boarding schools in the UK education system, boarding schools have an established history with a reputation for excellent academic results. With 13,000 international students every year, approximately 13% of them are from Hong Kong.


With so many boarding schools and independent schools to choose from, selecting the right one for your child can seem overwhelming. That is why we proudly offer knowledgeable UK independent boarding school consultants to help evaluate the prospects and make the decision-making process smoother.

Stand out from the other applicants and ensure your child is on the path to success with our team of experienced UK boarding school consultants. Our consultants provide the valuable service of helping pupils master the complete application process including a Pre-Test, Common Entrance Exam, and interview preparation for any specific school, as well as additional guidance and support.

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You can rest assured that our team of trusted UK independent boarding school consultants are well versed in the details of the UK boarding school selection and application process. Regardless of the UK boarding school you select, our independent consultants are there to help each student achieve the best results. Get in touch today to see how we can help you find academic success.