UK University Foundation Programme is a one-year programme designed for international students who aim at obtaining a place at a UK university.

The qualification of a foundation programme is the same as A-Level and BTEC. Some of them can also be used to apply for UK universities through UCAS.

There are two main types of foundation programme, namely “one-to-one university” and “one-to-many universities”. “One-to-one university” means that students can be recognised by only one university after graduation. If they do not get good results in the foundation programme, they may not get a place from any university. For “one-to-many universities”, students will be recognised by more than one university and their academic performance will be the admission criteria. Some foundation programmes would even guarantee students’ admission to a university. Therefore, the admission rate to universities and the recognition of the programmes are key points to look into when choosing a foundation programme.

The learning environment is also important. Would you like to study at a university or a college? “One-to-one university” foundation programme usually take place in a purpose-built learning building developed by the university. Students can experience how learning is at a university campus. For “one-to-many university”, the programme will take place in a college which is similar to a UK secondary school. A-Level and BTEC programme are also offered in a college in addition to the foundation programme. Although students may not be able to learn at a university, they can receive personal guidance from professional college tutors on choosing the most suitable university for them.

In recent years, there are more students pursuing a professional degree such as medicine, science and engineering for their future careers. So, it would be a good idea to consider a university foundation programme which will enhance the chance to secure a place in a university offering these professional degrees. Take David Game College as an example, about 40% of its graduates successful went on to study these subjects in university, and 66% of them were admitted to the top 30 universities in the QS 2021 UK University Rankings.

If you are interested in UK University Foundation Programme, come and join our webinar on 10 June. The school representative from David Game College will be with us too! You can also have a free call with us to know more.

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