About the School

Beeston Hall School is the only independent boarding prep school in Norfolk. They have a strong academic record that over the past six years, they have achieved a 100% success rate to first-choice Senior Schools, of which 65% are awarded scholarships to leading schools across the UK. 

In their boarding community, boarders could receive supervision and encouragement from staff, extra dimension of fun from friends, and enjoy a wide range of weekend activities. Apart from full boarding, weekly boarding and having a try on boarding weekends are also available to give pupils a boarding experience.

Location: Norfolk
Age: 4-13
Gender: Co-ed
Beeston Hall School
Beeston Hall School

Exam Results and University Destinations

Some of the popular senior school destinations include Gresham’s, Oundle, Uppingham, Ampleforth, and Eton.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Each year group is timetabled to have Games every day and one Physical Education session every week. There are over 40 activities offered to help pupils develop their talents and build confidence, health and wellbeing.

Some of the popular activities include yoga, roller-skating, Scouts, kayaking, and hockey. Of those, pupils have great performance in hockey that they have reached 9 IAPS national hockey finals over the last six years, and they have the opportunity to participate in the Barcelona Hockey Tour every two years.


The campus is well equipped with excellent sport facilities, including a full size astroturf used for hockey, cricket, football, touch rugby and tennis, a 20 metre outdoor heated swimming pool, a large sports hall, a shooting range and a rubber-crumb outdoor multi-sports surface.

School Fees


  • Year 3: £6,930 per term
  • Year 4 to 8: £8,990 per term


  • Reception to Year 2: £3,340 per term
  • Year 3: £4,590 per term
  • Year 4 to 8: £6,690 per term
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