The United Kingdom announced earlier that Hong Kong residents holding BNO passports can bring their children to the United Kingdom. Grammar School is the cradle of local elites. Our consultants will help you find the most suitable school for your children.

What are Grammar Schools?

Grammar schools are secondary schools in England funded by the government and therefore do not charge any fees. They are the only state schools in the country that are allowed to select their student body based on each pupil’s academic ability. Admission is highly competitive, so many HK families fare better with the guidance of a professional UK grammar school consultant.


Grammar schools were mostly phased out of the UK in the 1970’s, meaning there are only 163 grammar schools in England in existence today - with another 69 in Ireland. Grammar schools are popular due to their reputation for renowned academic success. Entry is reserved for students who perform extremely well in their 11+ tests (English, Maths, Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning) which is taken in their final year of primary school.

UK Grammar Schools

Experienced UK grammar school consultants in HK

The competition for placement at UK boarding schools is one of the toughest in the UK. This is due to the high number of grammar school students that end up at the best universities, like Cambridge or Oxford, with an average achievement of five or more GSCEs at the highest grades. It may seem difficult to get a leg up on the competition without knowing the intricacies of the system. This is where an experienced UK grammar school consultant in HK can step in and guide the way.


At James-Lee Consultancy, we understand how valuable your child’s education is and that giving them the best opportunities in life is top priority. Our UK boarding school consultants work closely with each family and student to deliver tailored admissions advice to help you succeed.

Tailored school selection & admissions advice

Admissions are limited, which is why having a UK grammar school consultant in HK can be so valuable. High 11+ test scores do not guarantee a child’s admission and criteria can vary from school to school. A UK grammar school consultant can help families navigate the process with their professional experience and knowledge of the field.


There are no interviews, but the application process for each school is different, so it’s helpful to have an expert by your side to advise you to take the best approach in selecting a grammar school that’s best for your child. With a UK grammar school consultant in HK, you can rest assured that they will do everything they can on your and your child’s behalf to achieve a successful placement.

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