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Supporting your child from school to career

This is an elite bespoke service for ambitious students and provides carefully designed support to ensure your child reaches their true potential.

Dr Karen Li Foster, our experienced Education Consultant has been a lecturer at University College London, University of London and the University of Oxford, heads up our Mentoring services.  She, along with our highly qualified mentors, will design a programme specifically for your child. 


Our mentors have got extensive experience in helping students secure places at highly competitive senior schools such as Westminster and Wycombe Abbey as well as helping our students secure places at prestigious world-renowned universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, to name a few.


Our mentors provide expert academic and pastoral support to ensure that your child realises their true potential.

What is it?
  • This is a bespoke service specially designed for your child.  Each programme will be different.

  • Academic and Pastoral support throughout the mentoring programme.

  • Mentors set goals with your child from the beginning and monitor them closely to help them achieve their goals.

  • Academic and extra-curricular progress is monitored

  • Subject and Course advise are given.

  • Work experience and internship can be arranged.

  • Visits at educational institutions can be organised.

  • Regular feedback is given to both you and your child.


School, University & Career Mentoring

School Mentoring can include:


- assistance with subject selection at GCSEs, A-levels, IB, Cambridge Pre-U  and Foundation programmes

- guidance on extra-curricular activities

University & Career Mentoring can include:

- choosing the right subjects at senior school according to the university course requirement

- choosing courses at degree and masters level

- assisting with work experience placement and voluntary work

- assistance with setting career objectives 

Our Track Record

Take a look at our past students


Age at start: 14

Gender: Female 

Nationality: Chinese


Starting Position: Vera is already a bright girl and attends a great girls school called St Swithun’s.  She is very ambitious and wanted to move to an even more competitive environment and where the schools were higher in the league table and schools which had a higher percentage of successful Oxbridge applicants.


We chose to apply to Westminster and Wycombe Abbey with her.


Aim: To successfully pass the interview at Wycombe Abbey and pass the entrance exams and to successfully past the entrance exams to Westminster so she can progress to the second stage to pass the interview and pass the Thinking Skills Assessment and therefore getting offers in both schools.


What we did:  We did a one-year mentoring programme with Vera and organised tutors for her and prepared her for interviews.  We monitored her grades to ensure her grades were always improving.


She successfully gained offers to both schools for sixth form and this year, we will be mentoring her to applying to the University of Cambridge.

Private Tuition


JLC's offers private tuition with our highly experienced tutors, many of whom are Oxbridge graduates and current teachers with proven track record of preparing students for competitive entrance exams as well as preparing students for public exams such as GCSEs and A-levels.  Tutoring is particularly useful for students who need more support outside of the classroom as well as students who are ambitious and need an extra push.  Sessions are always specific to the student's individual needs.  Whether it is to prepare for an entrance exam or public exam, we are here to help. JLC offers both face-to-face and online tuition.  

JLC is a member of The Tutor's Association.

Tuition can done at our Hong Kong office or London office or alternatively, we also offer online tuition.

  • Tailored learning strategies to ensure academic preparation is optimised.

  • Liaise with teachers and house parents on a regular basis to address the academic expectations. 

  • Identify areas of improvement and set moving targets to ensure constant progression.

  • Improve study skills

  • Go through materials to ensure complete understanding

  • Additional language support

Online tutoring

  • There are many advantages of Online Tuition

    • Students do not have to travel and can get sessions in the comfort of their own home ​

    • Tuition can be held at the host family's home or at the boarding house

    • Students can get tutored at the time they want and anywhere they want

    • Students have access to the best tutors in the world