Atom Learning Review: Why We Trust an Online Platform to Offer Entrance Examinations Support

  • Atom Learning is award-winning educational platform for entrance preparation

  • Computerised exercises and mock tests in English, Math, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning are covered

  • The content is tailored-made by specialist teachers and educators who prepare students for private and grammar school entrance assessments including ISEB Common Pre-Test, UKiset, and London 11+ Consortium

  • The adaptive mechanism of Atom platform will allow parents and tutors to assign practices to the students according to their own learning needs, while the analytical data will help track the student’s steady progress

  • The longer the student uses the Atom platform, the more relevant the ability scores will be, the more valid the indicative scores for meeting the requirements of the top UK boarding schools

Quality content written by Teachers and Educators With monthly or yearly subscription available, Atom allows subscribed parents to access thousands of quality materials at an affordable price. A monthly subscription is the price of one textbook! Unlimited practice questions with over 400 tuition videos and resources are available; the mock tests are designed modelling the scoring and execution of ISEB-common pretest, UKiset, senior school examinations, and the alike.

Adaptive to your Child’s Personalised Learning While preparing the student for entrance tests, it is important to create a positive learning environment for the student's steady growth and his/her sense of accomplishment. We all learn differently even though we may have the same targeted schools! The way in which Atom is utilised to generate assignments and mock tests is to engage and motivate students to improve and grow with an interactive and fun interface (with an avatar representing the student to take away the pressure!).

Automatic marking with comprehensive reporting of the student’s progress The knowledge gap in any topics is quickly identified when a task is completed. While the parents may not understand the implications of the scores, the schools will be able to illustrate with the concise and precise reporting format while explaining and keeping the parents informed--- for one individual student as well as the whole-class performance. It will be useful when a school has mixed abilities in a group, and the scores indicated will allow better arrangement for group and individual learning.

Close Engagement between the student, the parents, and the School/Tutor Like any other technological platforms nowadays, Atom is definitely to enhance the learning experience and bridge the communication gap between all the parties involved for better understanding and transparency of the work and goals set for the benefits of the student’s learning. With the automation in marking and assigning homework, the parents and tutors could invest their time and effort in guiding the students in other aspects of the admissions process, namely improving the student’s writing skills, interview preparation, and any other growth in the student’s whole-person education.

If you want to have your own user-experience with Atom Learning platform, we are happy to provide more information as well as offer you a 5-day trial. At checkout - use our code KaoJ3EIO for 10% discount. Please do not hesitate to contact our team: Dr. K Li Foster (

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