Boarding like Harry Potter Does! Hogwarts Magic Still Hold the Hearts of Overseas Parents and Studen

Updated: Apr 28

  • Hogwarts Magic Still Hold the Hearts of Overseas Parents and Students

  • Going to a boarding school teaches us how to enjoy the being in the community, going back to the nature, following rules, respect others, as well as other interpersonal and social skills needed. Dreaming of studying like Harry Potter and his friends--- in architectural buildings with spiral staircases, gothic towers as classrooms with medieval interiors, with fountains and mazes laying on remote shire in England?

This is so-called “The Hogwarts Effect”-- which has brought forward a wave of renaissance to the British boarding schools. According to a survey by the Independent Schools Council, there are approximately 70,265 children educated at British boarding schools. The boarding school student population was in a continuous decline in the 1990s, until the Harry Potter series have become a worldwide global blockbuster in the 2000s. There is a slight decline of British students, albeit the strong growing number of international students.

Robin Fletcher, Chief executive at the Boarding Schools’ Association, insists that overseas parents and students still share the Hogwarts/Harry Potter impression:

“UK families will have all sorts of sources of information about boarding schools. They might live near one. They might know people who’ve been to one. Harry Potter is only one of the influences they’re considering. Harry Potter might have a slightly disproportionate effect [on overseas students]. If you live in China, you might just see Hogwarts and think, I want to go to a boarding school like that.”

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