Cambridge University admits 67 students from poor backgrounds who got better than expected A-levels

Kaan Evcimen, a student at City & Islington College, would be going to Trinity Hall to begin his studies of Natural Sciences, expressed joyfully: “Getting into Cambridge was simply a dream, which is now somehow reality--- I'm super grateful for the opportunity and I'm excited to get started with studying the subject I love at the best university in the world.”

Nikodem Czarlinski, upon receiving 4 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, would be going to study Engineering at Trinity College after The Priory Academy LSST in Lincoln. He said: “My parents have always supported me and they taught me the value of hard work. Adjustment felt like a second chance and I kept the possibility in the back of my mind right through my exams. My family and my teachers were all very happy when I told them I’d got a place to study at Cambridge.”

After achieving 4 A*, as the first pupil from Whitley Academy in Coventry to study at Cambridge, Katie Yuan would be at Murray Edwards College. “I didn't tell my parents that I might be able to get a place through Adjustment, and I only told one of my teachers, so everyone was so surprised. Adjustment is a fantastic idea: it opens up the door for lots of people from lots of backgrounds. Cambridge is the best place in the world to study and I'm so happy I'm not going to miss out on that opportunity.”

The Four-A* students all agreed that they were enthusiastic reader of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. One of them added: “I thought if this man got inspired this way by being at Cambridge, I want to be inspired there too.”

Dr Sam Lucy, Director of Admissions for the Cambridge Colleges, said: “When we announced the Adjustment scheme, we received many emails from students saying the second chance of a place at Cambridge was inspiring them to work even harder to achieve the best A-level results they could. It is wonderful to see that so many who may not have managed to show their full academic potential during the main Admissions round have gone on to excel at A-level due to their hard work and determination.”

She added: “We are delighted to have been able to offer so many of them a place at Cambridge in the pilot year of Adjustment and hope that more disadvantaged students will make an application to Cambridge in future years with the knowledge that this route will also be available to them.”

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