Contribution of International Students in Independent Day and Boarding schools Enhancing UK Economy

Updated: Apr 28

International Students’ Termly Tuition Fees at Boarding Schools

Some of the most expensive colleges in the UK cost more than £12 380 in their termly tuition fees. Only counting the tuition alone for three terms in one year has already exceeded the average earning of £28 400 per one individual per annum in the UK, in addition to the boarding accommodation fees and other costs such as private tuitions and music camps. 

Off-campus earnings, spending, and export earnings

Ever wonder why some landlords prefer renting out their property to international students? In order for the Home Office to issue a visa for them to land in the UK, they need to prove that they have sufficient money in their bank to cover their living and expenses as calculated proportionally to the duration of the visas. 

The map below is a data published by UK Universities in 2019 to show how international students have supported different regions in the UK: