How Do We Transform Our Learning with an Online Tutor?

Updated: Apr 28

Some of the Advantages of Online Tutoring include:

Cost-Time-Location “Eco-friendly” Effectiveness With the elimination of commute time, students and tutors only need a technological device and an internet connection to conduct a tuition. Online tutoring allows flexibility for tutors and students from any global location, as well as an agreed time that is without the restriction of “working/school hours”. Resources and other learning assisting materials such as articles and diagrams could be sent and retrieved digitally, or converted into different formats. Sharing resources are therefore more encouraged, while apps such as Geogebra (graphing software) and Google Earth are open sources to enhance learning. Sourcing Talents and Suitability Globally with Diverse and Various Options Students and tutors could find each other using online search engines that help prioritize preferences, for instance, qualifications and profession-specific graduates. Tutors could look for jobs anywhere in the world according to their schedules and arrangements, while they could advertise themselves with different social tools. Online tutoring could also be more relaxing and empowering (and less pressurized) for the students to learn in environments that they choose to maximize learning. Health Risks with safeguarding and child-protection Issues Without physical presence, there would not be any possible transmission of diseases as minor as colds and flus. While the occupancy of a tutor/tutee’s house could be intrusive of personal space, online tutoring eliminates privacy (and interpersonal “face-to-face”) issues. Some tutoring agencies will need a tutor to sign an agreement on recording part or all of the sessions for monitoring academic progression or demonstrating feedback to parents. This will alleviate the risks of jepadying the safety and well-being of the student.

We have Russel Group and Oxbridge tutors and academic tutors who work for us. For more information about finding suitable subject-specific tutors or individualized planning for improving academic performance, and/ or choosing university subject choices, please contact Karen Li Foster, our Education Consultant at James-Lee Consultancy: