Power of Sleep(ing Beauties)

A revolutionary and all-inclusive treatment has been newly discovered to make you live longer, enhance your memory, think creatively, look more attractive and healthy, while protecting you from cancer, dementual, heart attacks, strokes, dialeties, depression and the list goes on? 

The answer is simply: A full night of sleep.

Over 17,000 scientific reports to date have supported that a full night of sleep will bring longer life span. Both non-REM (non-Rapid Eye Movement) and REM stages of sleep (dreaming state) benefit our health. While the former stage enhances the transfer of memory (in addition to muscle memory) stored in the hippocampus to the cortex, the latter is believed to govern the amygdala and prefrontal cortex that are directly linked to our mental health and creativity.

Like a USB storage stick, the hippocampus “downloads” all the information and “frees up” storage space for new learning-- quality sleep improves quality of learning by 20-40% , researchers suggest. REM sleep, which could be seen as peeling off an onion: the stress related chemical noradrenalin is completely shut off only when dreaming, and so through REM sleep emotions are “peeled” off in order to process.