What Do you Un-expect when you’re Expecting to live with Host Families? (2)

4. Un-expect the same old merry English Life

Regionally in the UK different local areas have their own neighborhood features--where is good to go and shop, which restaurant has the best dish, nearby attractions, school and college information, and so on. Many international students enjoy living with host families because they would experience things unlike their homes: barbeque in the garden, weekend trips or hikes, going to parks and sightseeing.

5. Un-expect the engagement in Activities that are not allowed normally All host families have been vetted and gone through DBS-police check to ensure your safety. They should be trustworthy, as well as bear the duty of care towards your safety. Do not engage in drinking or smoking in the house, for instance, and hoping that it would be fine. Do not hold a party and invite friends over without asking them first--- this is after all their house, their rules! Do respect their house.